Quickly build solid project estimates with Kalssium

Many project management tools are available. They are not really helping estimate your IT project’s efforts. How to efficiently and consistency compute projects’ estimates ? Where to find benchmarks and best practices when it comes to my project’s efforts ? How to make sure the organization applies the same estimation practices accross its different teams ? How to ensure lessons learned from past projects are taken into consideration for estimating the new ones ?

These are some of the questions that led to the creation of Kalssium. Kalssium help build projects estimates quickly, accurately. Rock-solid estimations for wise decisions.

Build rock-solid project estimations

Because wise business decisions demand accurate project effort estimates:

Contact Kalssium and get your project efforts estimated. Quickly and accurately.

Compare to benchmarks

Because access to market information has never been so easy:

Join our community, get access to effort estimation benchmarks and quickly compare your estimates against benchmarks

Automate project administration

Because time should be spent on delivering business value, not on calculating project’s KPIs.

With Kalssium, not only track project actuals and forecast but keep comparison with your project’s baseline. Automatically.


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